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A Bugaci-mintaterület felszíni, felszínközeli üledékeinek geokémiai vizsgálataGeochemical evaluation of shallow drillings at Bugac pilot area (Middle-Hungary)

Fügedi, Ubul, Kerék, Barbara, Kuti, László, Halupka, Gábor
Agrokémia és talajtan 2019 v.68 no.1 pp. 97-114
barium, calcium, carbonates, copper, evaporation, groundwater, hills, ions, magnesium, molybdenum, phosphates, sand, sandy soils, seasonal wetlands, strontium, sulfates, watersheds, zinc, Hungary
Bugac pilot area, that is nearly 50 km², was studied by four shallow drilling-programs earlier. This article presents the results and the explanation of the analysis of the trace element-measurements coming from the sampling in 1998-99. On the hills wind-blown sand and in the flat areas clayey fine silty sediments (mainly carbonate-mud) are dominant. Although the flat areas are closed drainage basins, the situation of the hills-flat areas are not stable, so the characteristic sediments are mixed up. In the groundwater under the flat areas and in the seasonal ponds on the surface of the flats, the solved ion- (salt-) content increase is caused by the evaporation. Based on the sedimentary- and microelement examinations two special environments are worthy of underlining, the recent/archive surfaces, characterised by higher rate of coarse sand and the carbonated fine grained sediments in the flats. The correlation between the acid soluble ions and the carbonate content based on the scheibler-method is weak in the case of the Bugac pilot area too. The cr/Mo correlation and amount are caused by artificial effect; the Ca/Sr ratio is determined by biogenic processes connected to carbonate mud, and the high s-content of these muds is resulted from the evaporation. All the analysed elements can be found in much less concentration than in most part of Hungary, except the element group of carbonate-accumulation (Ca, Mg, Sr, Ba, CO₃²⁻, SO₄²⁻, PO₄³⁻). The soils of the pilot area (mainly the sandy soils) are moderately lack of copper and strongly lack of zinc.