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Dual functional monomer surface molecularly imprinted microspheres for polysaccharide recognition in aqueous solution

Zhao, Qianyu, Zhao, Haitian, Huang, Weiwei, Yang, Xin, Yao, Lei, Liu, Jia, Li, Jiaqi, Wang, Jing
Analytical methods 2019 v.11 no.21 pp. 2800-2808
adsorption, aqueous solutions, binding capacity, boronic acids, microparticles, models, moieties, molecular imprinting, molecular weight, polymers, starch
In this work, novel water-compatible core–shell surface molecularly imprinted polymers with double recognition abilities for highly efficient separation of starch polysaccharide were prepared. The double recognition abilities of the molecularly imprinted polymers were achieved by adopting 3-aminophenyl boronic acid and 2-acrylamide-2-methyl propanesulfonic acid as functional monomers. Molecularly imprinted polymers could specifically recognize and capture starch molecules in aqueous solutions which was guaranteed by these functional groups and shape of imprinted cavities. The starch molecularly imprinted polymers showed a short kinetic equilibrium time, high selectivity compared to glucans of different molecular weights (G70 000, G10 000, and G50 00), and satisfactory adsorption capacity for starch. The binding capacity and the imprinting factor of the starch molecularly imprinted polymers could reach 13.08 mg g⁻¹ and 2.22, respectively. Many favorable capabilities of the starch molecularly imprinted polymers also provide the basis for further application in the future. Furthermore, the adsorption mechanism of starch molecularly imprinted polymers was researched in detail by using an adsorption model.