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A perovskite La₂Ti₂O₇ nanosheet as an efficient electrocatalyst for artificial N₂ fixation to NH₃ in acidic media

Yu, Jiali, Li, Chengbo, Li, Bingyue, Zhu, Xiaojuan, Zhang, Rong, Ji, Lei, Tang, Dianping, Asiri, Abdullah M., Sun, Xuping, Li, Quan, Liu, Shanhu, Luo, Yonglan
Chemical communications 2019 v.55 no.45 pp. 6401-6404
ammonia, carbon dioxide, catalysts, chemical reactions, electrochemistry, electrodes, energy, greenhouse gas emissions, hydrochloric acid, hydrogen, nanosheets, nitrogen, nitrogen fixation
The synthesis of NH₃ heavily relies on the Haber–Bosch process suffering from a large amount of CO₂ emission and energy consumption. Possessing eco-friendly and sustainable characteristics, electrochemical reduction is considered as a promising candidate for artificial N₂ fixation under ambient conditions, but efficient electrocatalysts are crucial for the N₂ reduction reaction (NRR). In this communication, we report that perovskite La₂Ti₂O₇ nanosheets behave as an efficient NRR electrocatalyst with excellent selectivity under ambient conditions. In 0.1 M HCl, this catalyst achieves a high NH₃ yield rate of 25.15 μg h⁻¹ mgcₐₜ.⁻¹ with a faradaic efficiency of 4.55% at −0.55 V vs. a reversible hydrogen electrode. Notably, it also shows high electrochemical stability.