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Continuous separation of maslinic and oleanolic acids from olive pulp by high‐speed countercurrent chromatography with elution‐extrusion mode

Huang, Xin‐Yi, Zhang, Xia, Pei, Dong, Liu, Jian‐Fei, Gong, Yuan, Aisa, Haji Akber, Di, Duo‐Long
Journal of separation science 2019 v.42 no.11 pp. 2080-2088
countercurrent chromatography, oleanolic acid, olive pulp
In this work, a continuous high‐speed countercurrent chromatography method has been developed on the basis of elution‐extrusion mode and this method was successfully applied to the separation of maslinic and oleanolic acid from the extract of olive pulp. In the process of ‘elution’, the sample solution was continuously loaded into the column and the maslinic acid was steadily eluted out in this step while highly retained oleanlic acid always stayed in the column. In the process of ‘extrusion’, the oleanlic acid was pushed out of the column with the stationary phase. In this way, we achieved a large sample loading. A total of 120 mL sample solution (about 89.55% of the column volume) which contains 600 mg olive pulp extract was pumped in the apparatus by a constant‐flow pump and the maslinic and oleanolic acids were largely separated within 120 min. Both of these two compounds presented high yields and high purities (271.6 mg for maslinic acid with 86.7% and 83.9 mg oleanolic acids with 83.4%).