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The evaluation model of the enterprise energy efficiency based on DPSR

Wei, Jin-Yu, Zhao, Xiao-Yu, Sun, Xue-Shan
Environmental science and pollution research international 2019 v.26 no.17 pp. 16835-16846
business enterprises, energy conservation, energy efficiency, models
The reasonable evaluation of the enterprise energy efficiency is an important work in order to reduce the energy consumption. In this paper, an effective energy efficiency evaluation index system is proposed based on DPSR (Driving forces-Pressure-State-Response) with the consideration of the actual situation of enterprises. This index system which covers multi-dimensional indexes of the enterprise energy efficiency can reveal the complete causal chain which includes the “driver forces” and “pressure” of the enterprise energy efficiency “state” caused by the internal and external environment, and the ultimate enterprise energy-saving “response” measures. Furthermore, the ANP (Analytic Network Process) and cloud model are used to calculate the weight of each index and evaluate the energy efficiency level. The analysis of BL Company verifies the feasibility of this index system and also provides an effective way to improve the energy efficiency at last.