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The Use of Fresh Groundwater from Arid Regions of the World in the Fight against Land Desertification

Zalibekov, Z. G., Mamaev, S. A., Biarslanov, A. B., Magomedov, R. A., Asgerova, D. B., Galimova, U. M.
Arid ecosystems 2019 v.9 no.2 pp. 77-84
arid lands, arid zones, desertification, ecosystems, evaporation, groundwater, microirrigation, pollution, surface irrigation, Africa, Eurasia
The theoretical foundations and principles of the use of fresh groundwater (FGW) and its role in combating desertification and the development of the biological potential of arid lands are presented. The advantages of FGW in comparison with surface irrigated water are revealed: protection from pollution, evaporation, and protection of natural reserves and their natural renewability. The areas of arid lands by continent, differences in the FGW depth, and the parameters of the recommended type of drip irrigation on the example of one of the arid regions of the Tersko–Kumskaya artesian lowland are given. The natural renewal and close occurrence on the FGW surface in the delta-alluvial plains of Eurasia is compared with the conditions of equatorial Africa.