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Effects of Red Mud Addition in Soil Fertilized with Cowdung Manure on Growth Performance and Metal Accumulations in Brassica juncea Cultivars Kranti and Pusa Bold

Gautam, Meenu, Agrawal, Madhoolika
Communications in soil science and plant analysis 2019 v.50 no.10 pp. 1214-1231
Brassica juncea, Food and Agriculture Organization, World Health Organization, cow manure, cultivars, growth performance, manure amendments, plant growth, seed yield, seeds, soil
Red mud (RM) with organic manure may offer suitable substratum to support plant growth. The present study was conducted to evaluate the effects of 0, 5, 10 and 15% (w/w) RM additions in soil fertilized with cowdung manure (soil: manure: 2:1 w/w) on available metal contents, growth performance and metal accumulation in Brassica juncea cultivars Kranti and Pusa Bold. Increasing RM concentrations in manure-amended soil caused a significant increase in total metal contents but their phytoavailable contents decreased. A significant increase in plant growth performance and seed yield was observed up to 10% RM treatment compared to the control (without RM and manure). Maximum increase in seed yield (140.5%) of Pusa Bold and Kranti (120.3%) was found under 10% RM treatment. Metal contents in seeds were within the FAO/WHO safe limits. The study suggests utilization of 10% (w/w) RM in soil fertilized with cowdung manure for cultivation of Kranti and Pusa Bold. Based on plant performance, the study encourages the cultivation of Pusa Bold.