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Artesunate-luminol chemiluminescence system for the detection of hemin

Fereja, Tadesse Haile, Kitte, Shimeles Addisu, Gao, Wenyue, Yuan, Fan, Snizhko, Dmytro, Qi, Liming, Nsabimana, Anaclet, Liu, Zhongyuan, Xu, Guobao
Talanta 2019 v.204 pp. 379-385
biosensors, blood, blood sampling, chemiluminescence, detection limit, diagnostic techniques, drugs, forensic sciences, image analysis, mobile telephones, monitoring, point-of-care testing
Fabricating simple, accurate and user-friendly diagnostic device for “point of care testing” (POCT) applications is one of the most challenging objectives in the analytical field. Hemin detection is important for drugs monitoring, diagnosis, and forensic latent bloodstain imaging. Herein is developed, luminol chemiluminescence biosensor for hemin detection using artesunate as coreactant. A possible mechanism to account for the chemiluminescence reaction is discussed. Hemin was detected using both photomultiplier tube (PMT) and smartphone as detector. The detection limit for hemin using smartphone as detector is 20 nM, enabling the visual detection of hemin in blood sample with a dilution factor of blood up to 120,000. While PMT detector is used, the system is able to detect hemin down to 0.22 nM. In addition to high sensitivity, this sensing system exhibit high selectivity. It can successfully distinguish bloodstain from other stains while applying the system for point of care testing using smart phone as detector. Moreover, the system can detect artesunate with a linear range from 0.1 nM to 1.0 μM with a limit of detection of 0.078 nM.