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Evaluating productivity gaps in maize production across different agroecological zones in Ghana

Bright O. Asante, Omphile Temoso, Kwabena N. Addai, Renato A. Villano
Agricultural systems 2019 v.176 pp. 102650
agroecological zones, continuous cropping, corn, credit, crop production, farmers, fertilizers, forests, labor, land ownership, models, plant cultural practices, production technology, savannas, Ghana, Guinea
This paper evaluates the performance of maize farmers in three agroecological zones in Ghana. A metafrontier model is used to estimate the average technical efficiencies and maize productivty gaps across the agroecological zones. The results shows that land, labour and fertilizer significantly influence maize production. Managerial performance of farmers is influenced by land ownership, access to credit, monocropping, and participation in farmer based organisations across the agroecological zones. Additionally, the maize production technology in the Forest zone was found to be superior. Accordingly, farmers in Guinea Savanna and Transition zones can increase productivity by adopting prevailing improved technologies and good agronomic practices in the Forest zone. Such effort can be enhanced through increasing farmers' access to extension, credit, and participation in farmer based organisations.