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Different impacts of export and import on carbon emissions across 7 ASEAN countries: A panel quantile regression approach

Salman, Muhammad, Long, Xingle, Dauda, Lamini, Mensah, Claudia Nyarko, Muhammad, Sulaman
The Science of the total environment 2019 v.686 pp. 1019-1029
adverse effects, carbon, carbon dioxide, energy efficiency, greenhouse gas emissions, industrialization, industry, population size, regression analysis, sustainable technology, technology
ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) has contributed numerous carbon emissions during the phase of industrialization. This study mainly compares the different effects of export and import on CO2 emissions across 7 ASEAN countries over 1990–2017. In addition, we investigate how technological innovation affects carbon emissions. Stationary tests are conducted through cross section dependence, unit root of panel data, and Westerlund cointegration. The results of panel quantile regression show that export and import both have adverse effects on CO2 emissions. EKC is valid in these countries. Moreover, population size and energy intensity increase carbon emissions. In particular, technology innovation significantly reduces carbon emissions by augmenting energy efficiency. It is important to improve eco-innovation, and expand knowledge-intensive industries in ASEAN countries.