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Advancing integration of data on food microbiome studies: FoodMicrobionet 3.1, a major upgrade of the FoodMicrobionet database

Parente, Eugenio, De Filippis, Francesca, Ercolini, Danilo, Ricciardi, Annamaria, Zotta, Teresa
International journal of food microbiology 2019 v.305 pp. 108249
bacterial communities, computer software, data collection, databases, ecosystems, food safety, fruits, meat, meta-analysis, metadata, microbiome, ready-to-eat foods, risk assessors, vegetables
We present a new version of FoodMicrobionet, a database for the exploration of food bacterial communities. The database, available as an app built with the Shiny package of R, includes data from 44 studies and 2234 samples (food or food environment), covering dairy, meat, fruit and vegetables, cereal based and ready-to-eat foods. The interactive interface allows exploration of data, access to external resources (on line versions of the studies, sequence data on SRA, taxonomic databases), filtering samples on the basis of a number of criteria, aggregation of samples and bacterial taxa and export of data in a variety of formats. FoodMicrobionet is the largest collection of data on food bacterial communities and, due to the structure of sample metadata, largely derived from the European Food Safety Agency FoodEx2 classification, makes comparison and re-analysis of data from published and unpublished studies easy. Data exported from FoodMicrobionet can be readily used for graphical and statistical meta-analyses using open-source software (Gephi, Cytoscape, CoNet, and R packages and apps, such as phyloseq and Shiny-Phyloseq) thus providing scientists, risk assessors and industry with a wealth of information on the structure of food biomes.