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Development of a database for estimation of the nut content of Australian single-ingredient and multi-ingredient foods

Nikodijevic, Cassandra J., Probst, Yasmine C., Neale, Elizabeth P.
Subtropical plant science 2019 v.82 pp. 103236
beverages, cardiovascular diseases, databases, food groups, food intake, fruits, nuts, risk reduction, sweets, Australia
Databases specifying the amount of core foods present in multi-ingredient foods are required to accurately explore the effect of food consumption on health outcomes. Habitual consumption of nuts, a core food, has been associated with reduced risk of cardiovascular disease. However, in Australia, a lack of information on the amount of nuts in different foods including multi-ingredient foods means that estimations of population nut intake may be misrepresented. The aim of this study was to develop a database for the estimation of nut content in Australian single-ingredient and multi-ingredient foods. A nut-specific database based on AUSNUT 2011-13 was developed via a systematic approach, which defined nut content and type for Australian foods and beverages. The nut database identified 236 nuts and nut-containing foods and beverages. Foods were identified in 14 of the 24 major AUSNUT 2011-13 food groups, including ‘Cereal based products and dishes’ and ‘Confectionery and cereal/nut/fruit/seed bars’. Nuts were found in a wide range of foods, highlighting the importance of developing specific databases to facilitate estimation of core food intake. This database can be used to estimate nut intake in the Australian population and explore associations between nut intake and health outcomes.