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Bimetallic nickel molybdate supported Pt catalyst for efficient removal of formaldehyde at low temperature

Huang, Gang, Yan, Zhaoxiong, Liu, Shuyuan, Luo, Tingting, An, Liang, Xu, Zhihua
Journal of environmental sciences (China) 2020 v.87 pp. 173-183
air pollutants, ambient temperature, catalysts, catalytic activity, formaldehyde, human health, molybdates, molybdenum, nickel, oxidation, platinum, pollution control
Efficient removal of formaldehyde from indoor environments is of significance for human health. In this work, a typical binary transition metal oxide that could provide various oxidation states, β-NiMoO4, was employed as a support to immobilize the active Pt component (Pt/NiMoO4) for catalytic formaldehyde elimination at low ambient temperature (15°C). The results showed that the hydrothermal preparation temperature and time had a noticeable impact on the morphology and catalytic activity of the samples. The catalyst prepared with hydrothermal temperature of 150°C for 4 hr (Pt-150-4) exhibited superior catalytic activity and stability mainly due to its distinctly porous structure, relative abundance of adsorbed surface hydroxyls/water, and high oxidation ability, which resulted from the interaction of Pt with Ni and Mo of the bimetallic NiMoO4 support. Our results might shed light on the rational design of multifunctional catalysts for removal of indoor air pollutants at low ambient temperature.