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Hypatia-trackRadar: A software for animal tracking using marine surveillance radars

Capotosti, Sara, Scacco, Martina, Nelli, Luca, Dell'Omo, Giacomo, Panuccio, Michele
Ecological informatics 2019 v.53 pp. 100972
birds, case studies, computer software, flight, flocks, monitoring, radar, unmanned aerial vehicles
Hypatia-trackRadar is a Java standalone application designed to help biologists extract and process bird movement data from marine surveillance radars. This application integrates simultaneous collection of radar data and field observations by allowing the user to link information gathered from visual observers (such as bird species and flock size) to the radar echoes. A virtual transparent sheet positioned on the radar screen allows the user to visually follow and track the echoes on the radar screen. The application translates the position of the echoes on the screen in a metric coordinate system. Based on time and spatial position of the echoes the software automatically calculates multiple flight parameters, such as ground speed, track length and duration. We validated Hypatia-trackRadar using an unmanned aerial vehicle. Here we present the features of this application software and its first use in a real case study in a raptor migration bottle-neck.