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Submerged flexible vegetation impact on open channel flow velocity distribution: An analytical modelling study on drag and friction

Pu, Jaan H., Hussain, Awesar, Guo, Ya-kun, Vardakastanis, Nikolaos, Hanmaiahgari, Prashanth R., Lam, Dennis
Water Science and Engineering 2019 v.12 no.2 pp. 121-128
equations, friction, models, vegetation, water flow
In this paper, an analytical model that represents the streamwise velocity distribution for open channel flow with submerged flexible vegetation is studied. In the present vegetated flow modelling, the whole flow field has been separated into two layers vertically: a vegetated layer and a non-vegetated free-water layer. Within the vegetated layer, an analysis of the mechanisms affecting water flow through flexible vegetation has been conducted. In the non-vegetated layer, a modified log-law equation that represents the velocity profile varying with vegetation height has been investigated. Based on the studied analytical model, a sensitivity analysis has been conducted to assess the influences of the drag (CD) and friction (Cf) coefficients on the flow velocity. The investigated ranges of CD and Cf have also been compared to published values. The findings suggest that the CD and Cf values are non-constant at different depths and vegetation densities, unlike the constant values commonly suggested in literature. This phenomenon is particularly clear for flows with flexible vegetation, which is characterised by large deflection.