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Definition of Reference Models for Power, Weight, Working Width, and Price for Seeding Machines

Yezekyan, Tatevik, Marinello, Francesco, Armentano, Giannantonio, Trestini, Samuele, Sartori, Luigi
Agriculture 2018 v.8 no.12
decision support systems, environmental performance, equations, markets, models, no-tillage, planters, prediction, prices, regression analysis, seed drills, sowing
Machine functional parameters define fleet composition and management and, thus, play an important role in economic and environmental performance. Large availability of programming methods and decision support systems are available in the market, however, there is still a lack of applicative tools to forecast the perceived and necessary technical parameters and machinery price options to complete tasks. In the current research, most correlated functional parameters for four group of seeding machines were determined with the application of linear and multiple linear regression analyses. Power, weight, working width, number of rows, and list price were studied, and reference equations were developed for seed drills, precision, combined and no-tillage planters. Two statistical analyses models were, therefore, developed for each of the groups in order to allow evaluation and prediction of performance and cost, thus contributing to the selection process optimisation and perceived choice of the needed implement.