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New record of the starry flying gurnard, Dactyloptena peterseni (Scorpaeniformes; Dactylopteridae); from Wadge Bank, Southwest coast of India

Karuppasamy, K., Davidkingston, S., Jawahar, P., Ranjith, L., Kathirvelpandian, A., Aanand, S.
National Academy science letters 2019 v.42 no.3 pp. 209-213
Dactyloptena, coasts, cytochrome-c oxidase, genes, mitochondria, morphometry, nucleotide sequences, India
Five specimens of dactylopterids measuring 220.5–320.0 mm standard length caught commercial trawler fishing in 80–120 m deep waters of Wadge Bank off Kanyakumari coast (8.02 N, 76.80 E) were collected from the landing centre at Jeppiaar fishing harbour, Muttom, Southwest coast of India. The specimens were identified as Dactyloptena peterseni (Nystrom, 1887) on the basis of morphometric measurements and the key identification character like absence of second free spine between the occipital and the first dorsal spine. The occurrence of the species suggests that the extended distribution of D. peterseni to Southwest coast of India. The detailed morphometric and meristic characters are described and discussed in this paper. Molecular identification was done by using partial sequence of mitochondrial cytochrome oxidase sub-unit I gene for confirmation of the species.