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Hydrothermal-assisted shearing exfoliation for few-layered MoS₂ nanosheets

Wu, Pei-Rong, Liu, Zan, Cheng, Zhi-Lin
RSC advances 2019 v.9 no.30 pp. 17016-17024
ammonium carbonate, friction, hot water treatment, molybdenum disulfide, nanosheets, oils
The exfoliation of bulk MoS₂ into few layers has attracted considerable attention as 2D nanomaterials in the past decade. We developed a facile approach for producing MoS₂ nanosheets by hydrothermal-assisted shearing exfoliation based on organic-free strategy. This original exfoliation was highly efficient for large-scale production and sustainable for the environment. The thickness of the as-exfoliated MoS₂ nanosheets was about 4–6 layers, and the lateral size became smaller from hydrothermal processing to shearing. The hydrothermal processing with the participation of ammonium carbonate played an important role in hydrothermal-assisted shearing exfoliation. As a prospective application, the antifriction performance of the as-exfoliated MoS₂ nanosheets in oil was evaluated using a ball-on-ball mode. Evidently, the average friction coefficient and wear scar diameter of 0.08 wt% MoS₂-based oil dropped to about 20.66% and 47.27% relative to those of the base oil, which exhibited an excellent antifriction and antiwear ability.