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Discovery of Aphis ruborum (Hemiptera: Aphididae) and Aphelinus varipes (Hymenoptera: Aphelinidae) on Cultivated Strawberry in Mississippi, USA

Eric Riddick W., Gary Miller L., Christopher Owen L., Gary Bauchan R., Jason Schmidt M., Tara Gariepy, Richard Brown L., Michael Grodowitz J.
Journal of insect science 2019 v.19 no.3 pp. 1-6
Aphelinus, Aphis (Aphididae), DNA barcoding, Fragaria ananassa, cryptic species, cultivars, greenhouse production, host-parasitoid relationships, imagos, insect identification, insect morphology, new geographic records, new host records, parasitoids, strawberries, Mississippi
An adventive aphid and novel host–parasitoid association from cultivated strawberry (Fragaria × ananessa Duch. cv. Chandler; Fragaria × ananessa Duch. cv. Camarosa) in Mississippi, USA are reported herein. The aphid, first detected in high tunnel cultivation, was found predominately on newly emerged, not fully developed leaflets of daughter plants in the Fall of 2016. By 2017, aphids and their associated mummies were observed on fully developed leaflets on mother plants of both cultivars. The aphid was identified as Aphis ruborum (Börner & Schilder) using morphology and DNA barcoding studies. In addition, DNA barcoding identified parasitoid adults emerging from aphid mummies as two cryptic species, Aphelinus varipes (Foerster) and Aphelinus albipodus Hayat and Fatima. Occurrence of A. ruborum in Mississippi represents a new state record and the eastern-most established record in the United States. The A. ruborum – A. varipes or A. albipodus host–parasitoid association is reported for the first time anywhere in the world.