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Improved enzymatic hydrolysis of hardwood and cellulase stability by biomass kraft lignin-based polyoxyethylene ether

Lin, Xuliang, Yang, Yaosen, Wu, Lei, Wu, Linjun, Xu, Danyuan, Qin, Yanlin
International journal of biological macromolecules 2019 v.136 pp. 540-546
Eucalyptus, biomass, endo-1,4-beta-glucanase, energy conservation, enzymatic hydrolysis, enzyme activity, hardwood, kraft pulping, lignin, polyethylene glycol, surface tension, waste liquors, water solubility
Water-soluble kraft lignin-based polyoxyethylene ether (KL-PEG), synthesized from the black liquor of kraft pulping and PEG, was used to improve the enzymatic hydrolysis efficiency of dilute acid pretreated (DA-pretreated) Eucalyptus hardwood and cellulase stability. The physicochemical properties of KL-PEG polymer such as solubility, surface tension, charge and aggregation behavior in the solution were first studied. KL-PEG could enhance the enzymatic hydrolysis of Avicel and DA-pretreated Eucalyptus from 63.6% and 58.3% to 78.5% and 93.8%, respectively. The enzymatic activity of cellulase after the enzymatic hydrolysis of Avicel and DA-pretreated Eucalyptus for 72 h remained approximately 84% and 44% in the presence of KL-PEG polymer. KL-PEG could improve the stability and longevity of the cellulase, facilitate the recovery and save the amount of cellulase. The efficient utilization of the pulping black liquor lignin was of great significance to alleviate the pressure brought by the shortage of petrochemical resources, and build an energy-saving and low-carbon society.