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Energy, Exergy and Economic Analyses of a Novel Hybrid Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion System for Clean Power Production

Yilmaz, Fatih
Energy conversion and management 2019
economic analysis, economic evaluation, electric power, exergy, gasoline, graphs, heat exchangers, power generation, temperature, thermal energy, wind turbines, Mediterranean Sea, Turkey (country)
In this study, comprehensive thermodynamic performance and economic evaluation of the ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC) and wind turbine combined hybrid plant is investigated. The proposed system consists of the two main sub-cycles, which are isobutene working fluid ocean thermal energy conversion system and wind turbine. The proposed study is projected to meet the daily total electrical power demands for a petrol station on the edge of the Mediterranean Sea in Turkey (Antalya). Energetic, exergetic performances and total irreversibility as well as economic assessment of the whole plant and its components are investigated according to various factors for example dead state temperature, turbine isentropic efficiency and inlet pressure of turbine. The results obtained by calculating the effects of these parameters on the ocean thermal energy conversion -wind plant performance (energy and exergy efficiency) are presented in graphs. According to the results, the total energy and exergy efficiencies of the ocean thermal energy conversion plant are 4.49% and 14.84%, respectively. Also, the overall energy and exergy efficiency of the hybrid system are 12.27% and 23.34%, respectively. In addition, the total exergy destruction rate of the modelled plant is 2168.405 kW, and the heat exchanger has maximum exergy destruction ratio with 44.77%. Finally, the total cost of the proposed hybrid study is found as 3.03 $/hr.