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Lime peel pectin integrated with coconut water and lime peel extract as a new bioactive film sachet to retard soybean oil oxidation

Rodsamran, Pattrathip, Sothornvit, Rungsinee
Food hydrocolloids 2019 v.97 pp. 105173
antioxidant activity, antioxidants, coatings, coconut water, glycerol, hydrocolloids, lemon peels, oxidation, pectins, permeability, plasticizers, soybean oil, storage time, water solubility, water vapor
Lime peel pectin films incorporated with natural antioxidants from lime peel residue extract and using coconut water (CW) as a plasticizer were developed and applied as a sachet to retard the oxidation of soybean oil. The films prepared with CW as plasticizer had the lowest water solubility and were flexible compared to films prepared with glycerol as plasticizer. High water vapor permeability was observed in the films with higher plasticizer amounts in both CW and glycerol. However, the combination of CW and lime peel extract improved the film water barrier. The incorporation of lime peel extract in the film increased the total phenolic content and therefore enhanced the antioxidant activity of the film. Moreover, all lime peel pectin films retarded soybean oil oxidation during 30 days of storage. These results indicated that lime peel residue was a good source for pectin production and a natural antioxidant in bioactive films or coatings for various food applications.