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Power flow management in micro grid through renewable energy sources using a hybrid modified dragonfly algorithm with bat search algorithm

Sureshkumar, K., Ponnusamy, Vijayakumar
Energy 2019 v.181 pp. 1166-1178
Chiroptera, algorithms, electric potential difference, electrical equipment, models, renewable energy sources
In this paper, an efficient hybrid approach is presented for the power flow management of the HRES connected smart grid system. The novelty of the proposed approach is the combined execution of the MDA with BSA named as MDABSA technique. The main aim of the proposed strategy is to control the power flow based on the source side and load side parameters variations. In the proposed approach, the control signals of the voltage source are developed by the MDA based on the variety of power exchange between the source side and load side. Like that, the online control signals are located by the BSA procedure by utilizing the parallel execution against the active and reactive power varieties. The multi-objective function is shaped by the grid required active and reactive power varieties created based on the accessible source power. Here, the control parameters of the power controller are enhanced by the proposed technique based control models in light of the power flow varieties. Finally, the proposed model is executed in MATLAB/Simulink working platform and the execution is compared with the existing techniques.