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Treatment wetlands aeration efficiency: A review

Rous, Vít, Vymazal, Jan, Hnátková, Tereza
Ecological engineering 2019 v.136 pp. 62-67
aeration, constructed wetlands, oxygen, oxygen consumption, pollutants, standard deviation
The efficiency of active aeration (AE) of constructed wetlands expressed as the ratio between implied oxygen consumption and oxygen delivered to the system is comprehensively reviewed in this paper. The aeration efficiency appears to be rather low with a mean value of 1.73% and median value of 0.48% of oxygen used in the systems for situations with only partial aerobic degradation of the pollutants. For full aerobic degradation, the mean value of AE is 3.74% but median value is much lower 1.08%. For both cases, the standard deviation is higher than the mean value (4.95% and 10.87% respectively), so there is a lot of variability in the data. For systems with the Forced Bed Aeration the results are more uniform and are close to the literature values given for this system, which is an implication that the proposed methodology might be potentially used for rough estimate of the aeration efficiency.