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Waterless dyeing of zipper tape using pilot-scale horizontal supercritical carbon dioxide equipment and its green and efficient production

Huang, Tingting, Kong, Xiangjun, Cui, Hongsheng, Zhang, Tian, Li, Wei, Yu, Pei, Lin, Jinxin
Journal of cleaner production 2019 v.233 pp. 1097-1105
autoclaves, carbon dioxide, color, commercialization, drying, dyeing, dyes, staining, supercritical fluid extraction, temperature
In this study, pilot-scale horizontal equipment for zipper tape dyeing in supercritical carbon dioxide (SC-CO2) was designed and successfully constructed. Two horizontal dyeing autoclaves arranged side by side and a color-matching kettle to accelerate the dye dissolution were the two most appealing characteristics of this equipment. The products dyed under the conditions of a temperature of (90 ± 2) °C, pressure of (23 ± 1) MPa, and time of 50 min, presented an excellent color fastness of staining, drying, and wetting, which were all rated at grades of 4–5. The K/S value of the products dyed in SC-CO2 was 6.38, while a value of 5.25 was found in water, even the amount of dyes in the SC-CO2 was lower. The further commercialization of waterless dyeing from pilot-scale studies would have great practical and strategic significance.