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Whole-Plant Live Imaging of Reactive Oxygen Species

Fichman, Yosef, Miller, Gad, Mittler, Ron
Molecular plant 2019 v.12 no.9 pp. 1203-1210
Arabidopsis, acclimation, corn, environmental factors, genetic variation, image analysis, mature plants, mutants, phenotype, reactive oxygen species, soil, wheat
Reactive oxygen species (ROS) are key regulators of numerous subcellular, cellular, and systemic signals. They function in plants as an integral part of many different hormonal, physiological, and developmental pathways, as well as play a critical role in defense and acclimation responses to different biotic and abiotic conditions. Although many ROS imaging techniques have been developed and utilized in plants, a whole-plant imaging platform for the dynamic detection of ROS in mature plants is lacking. Here we report a robust and straightforward method for the whole-plant live imaging of ROS in mature plants grown in soil. This new method could be used to study local and systemic ROS signals in different genetic variants, conduct phenotyping studies to identify new pathways for ROS signaling, monitor the stress level of different plants and mutants, and unravel novel routes of ROS integration into stress, growth regulation, and development in plants. We demonstrate the utility of this new method for studying systemic ROS signals in different Arabidopsis mutants and wound responses in cereals such as wheat and corn.