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Impact of a dam construction on the surface biophysical parameters in amazonia

Moura, Aryanne Resende de Melo, Querino, Carlos Alexandre Santos, Querino, Juliane Kayse Albuquerque da Silva, Pedreira Junior, Altemar Lopes, dos Santos, Luiz Octavio Fabricio, Machado, Nadja Gomes, Biudes, Marcelo Sacardi
Remote sensing applications 2019 v.15 pp. 100243
biophysics, dry season, energy, net radiation, normalized difference vegetation index, power plants, remote sensing, surface temperature, vegetation cover, Amazonia
The Amazon rainforest has undergone some changes in its vegetation cover due to the anthropic action driven mainly by the construction of a hydroelectric plant in the Legal Amazon. Those changes have impact on the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index - NDVI, surface temperature, albedo and, consequently, in the net radiation. Thus, the main aim of this paper was to evaluate the modification of the biophysics parameters (albedo, NDVI, surface temperature and net radiation) at the surface due to the construction of the Santo Antonio power plant. Landsat-5/TM and Landsat-8/OLI satellite imageries (path 232 and row 66) of the dry season of 2008 and 2016 (before and after the power plant building) were used in this study. The results have shown that the NDVI and the net radiation diminish and both surface temperature and albedo have increased due to the power plant building. The highest impact was observed in a 2.5 km radius, but injuries still can be observed up to 10 km away. The results here presented have shown the impact of the Santo Antonio power plant building in the biophysical indexes and, consequently, in the reduction of the available energy in the study area.