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Baseline assessment of contaminants in marine biota prior to remediation of industrial effluent impacted sediments in a former tidal estuary in Nova Scotia, Canada

Romo, Jessica, Chaudhary, Meenakshi, Walker, Tony R.
Marine pollution bulletin 2019
boats, dioxins, environmental impact, estuaries, furans, industrial effluents, marine environment, monitoring, pulp, remediation, sediment contamination, sediments, water pollution, Nova Scotia
Contaminated sediments at a pulp mill and former chor-alkali effluent treatment facility in Nova Scotia, Canada will undergo remediation. However, baseline studies assessing contaminants in marine biota in the marine receiving environment are lacking. Historical qualitative and quantitative contaminant data in biota from Boat Harbour (a former tidal lagoon which was used to treat industrial effluent since 1967), and surrounding marine environment were reviewed to establish baseline pollution from industrial effluent and contaminated sediments. Elevated metal, dioxins and furan concentrations previously measured in marine biota needs updating to help inform pre-remediation monitoring. Selection of species, contaminants of concern and sampling locations were ad hoc and often inconsistent with environmental effects monitoring requirements under Canadian federal Pulp and Paper Effluent Regulations. These consolidated baseline data are required to determine historical impacts and to assist future monitoring during Boat Harbour sediment remediation to compare against.