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Application of a Surimi-Based Coating to Improve the Quality Attributes of Shrimp during Refrigerated Storage

Sharaf Eddin, Abdulhakim, Tahergorabi, Reza
Foods 2017 v.6 no.9
coatings, cold storage, color, lipid peroxidation, montmorillonite, nanoclays, plate count, refrigerators, seafoods, sensory properties, shrimp, storage time, texture
Shrimp is a popular seafood throughout the world. However, shrimp is highly perishable due to biochemical, microbiological, or physical changes during postmortem storage. In this study, the effect of a surimi-based coating with and without montmorillonite (MMT) nanoclay on shrimp quality was evaluated during eight days of refrigerator storage. Use of a surimi-based coating resulted in reductions of aerobic plate counts (APC) up to 2 log units. The combined effect of the MMT and coating was observed. Surimi-based coating with MMT resulted in lower APC (p < 0.05) toward the end of storage. The application of surimi-based coating with MMT to the shrimp samples improved sensory quality and delayed lipid oxidation and color deterioration during storage time. In general, better texture was observed when coating was applied either with or without MMT. This study suggests that surimi-based coating may improve the quality of shrimp during refrigerated storage.