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Modified genetic algorithm with simulated annealing applied to optimal load dispatch of the Three Gorges Hydropower Plant in China

Shang, Yizi, Fan, Qixiang, Shang, Ling, Sun, Zhiyu, Xiao, Ge
Hydrological sciences journal 2019 v.64 no.9 pp. 1129-1139
algorithms, water power, China
A method is presented for optimal load dispatch in large-scale hydropower plants using a genetic algorithm integrated with simulated annealing. The genetic algorithm overcomes dependence on an initial value and provides parallel processing and fast convergence, whereas simulated annealing prevents prematurity and retrieving of the local instead of the global optimum. Thus, the integrated genetic-simulated annealing algorithm improves efficiency and robustness to obtain solutions close to the global optimum. We evaluated the proposed algorithm to determine the optimal load dispatch of 32 units of the Three Gorges Hydropower Plant in China. Test results show that the minimum water consumption obtained using the proposed algorithm is similar to the optimum obtained from a previously proposed “improved” genetic algorithm when the total load of the plant is relatively high. However, for reduced load, the proposed algorithm clearly outperforms the “improved” genetic algorithm.