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On the bicomponent contaminant transport in wetland flow with reactions

Wang, Ping, Zeng, L.
Journal of hydrology 2019
absorption, hydrology, wetlands
Contaminant transport in the wetland flow is subject to various reactions. Most researches on this topic have limited to the single component contaminant, relatively little has concerned the effect of competitive reaction on the transport of coupled bicomponent contaminant. This work analytically studies the bicomponent contaminant transport in the free surface wetland flow under the combined conditions of reversible competitive transfer, irreversible degradation and bed absorption, by solving the constant-coefficient second-order linear system of parabolic type and the method of concentration moments. Up to the fourth order concentration moment in the previous work (Wang and Chen, 2017a, J. Hydrol., 552: 674-683) is applied to support the fourth order expansion of Hermite polynomials to rigorously derive the solutions with high accuracy. The results demonstrate that the masses of binary components decay at different rate, and the vertical concentration distributions of binary components are tremendously non-uniform in the asymptotic dispersion stage. Three types of reactions in addition to the hydraulic dispersion exert separate control on the concentration distributions. It suggests that the peak concentration rather than the mean should be based for strict environmental implements.