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Recent advances on the biosensing and bioimaging based on polymer dots as advanced nanomaterial: Analytical approaches

Solhi, Elham, Hasanzadeh, Mohammad
Trends in analytical chemistry 2019 v.118 pp. 840-852
analytical methods, fluorescence, fluorescent dyes, polymers
Polymer dots (Pdots) have emerged as an interesting class of fluorescence probes in biosensing and bioimaging. Pdots as advanced nanomaterial generally show high fluorescence brightness, high photo stability. This article aims currently the various features of the Pdots for biosensing and bioimaging. Moreover, as another aim of this review is to provide insight into the structure, synthesis, advantages and disadvantages. Also, a literature update has been made about the progress and improvements on the use of optical biosensing including fluorescence and near-Infrared fluorescence technique and bioimaging consist of fluorescence and photoacustic technique using Pdots for the sensitive and specific detection. In this review, excellent features of the optical biosensing and bioimaging methods, research opportunities, and the improvement potential and prospects was discussed. We believe that Pdots as advanced nanomaterial have explicated high potential for a wide variety of applications in biomedical fields and hold great promise in analytical detection.