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Design and development of small wind turbine for power generation through high velocity exhaust air

Nimje, Akhilesh A., Gandhi, Neel Mukeshbhai
Renewable energy 2020 v.145 pp. 1487-1493
air, air flow, batteries, cement, computer software, electric power, manufacturing, pollution, power generation, renewable energy sources, torque, wind speed, wind turbines
Large scale wind turbines have been extensively examined for decades, but a very few studies have been conducted on small-scale wind turbines especially for the applications where artificial wind speed is of the order of 15 m per second. This study provides systematic effort towards design and development of small scale wind turbine aimed to operate at high wind speeds. The drag-based wind turbine has an enormous potential for small-scale power generation in cement manufacturing plant. It uses bag filter to prevent environmental pollution so as to let out the clean high velocity exhaust air through the duct. The work reported here presents to utilize exhaust air for electrical power generation. Exhaust air flow has been analysed in Ansys Fluent Software. Ansys Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) technology was adopted to evaluate the performance of the wind turbine. The results of torque assessment of the wind turbine in its static as well as dynamic condition have been presented. Experimental setup consisting turbine, generator, battery and load has been tested and validated.