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Multivariable robust blade pitch control design to reject periodic loads on wind turbines

Yuan, Yuan, Chen, Xu, Tang, J.
Renewable energy 2020 v.146 pp. 329-341
blades, models, renewable energy sources, uncertainty, wind, wind turbines
The demand on sustainable operations of large-scale wind turbines necessitates the concurrent advancement of power regulation and load mitigation through blade pitch control. Traditional collective pitch control (CPC) mechanisms can only deal with symmetric disturbances. The advent of individual pitch control (IPC) provides new opportunities to mitigate asymmetric or periodic loads on blades. Nevertheless, difficulties in control synthesis remain. In order for IPC to be truly effective, the complicated dynamic coupling between turbine components has to be accounted for. Moreover, wind turbine dynamics is highly nonlinear, and significant modeling uncertainties exist. In this research, a multivariable robust IPC framework is developed, aiming at rejecting periodic loads. The inter-blade coupling is explicitly modeled to provide response characteristics in the frequency domain. Subsequently, the structured singular values (μ)-synthesis strategy is adopted, as it shows distinct capability of dealing with periodic loads. In particular, weighting functions can be tailored to suppress response peaks at periodic frequencies with guaranteed robustness. Systematic case investigations indicate that, with the proposed IPC strategy, one can achieve significant periodic load mitigation as well as fatigue alleviation in speed-varying wind fields.