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Dried blood spots sampling in case samples deprived of hematocrit level information — Investigation and calculation strategy

Majda, Alicja, Wietecha-Posłuszny, Renata, Świądro, Magdalena, Mrochem, Karolina, Kościelniak, Paweł
Journal of chromatography 2019 v.1124 pp. 308-312
blood, bone marrow, chromatography, diazepam, hematocrit, psychotropic agents
The application of a new calculation strategy for the psychotropic drug concentration in blood and bone marrow samples in the form of dried blood spots (DBS) was the main aim of the study. The standard DBS method consists of the deposition of the capillary blood onto the dedicated paper cards. Nowadays, the DBS technique is seen as a fast and partly superior microsampling alternative methodology replacing the conventional venous blood and plasma collection. The calculation approach to drug concentration in the limited volume of the case sample, where the hematocrit level cannot be determined, constitutes an important step of this method. The method has been validated and the results of the determination of alprazolam and diazepam previously spiked in the post-mortem blood and bone marrow sample have been satisfactory.