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The effect of organic and inorganic zinc source, used in combination with potato fiber, on growth, nutrient digestibility and biochemical blood profile in growing pigs

Barszcz, Marcin, Taciak, Marcin, Tuśnio, Anna, Čobanová, Klaudia, Grešáková, L'ubomira
Livestock science 2019
Solanum tuberosum, albumins, average daily gain, bioactive properties, blood, blood chemistry, body weight, cellulose, creatinine, crude fiber, diet, digestibility, digestive system, energy, feed intake, health status, hemicellulose, lignocellulose, phosphorus, piglets, plant fibers, potatoes, starch, sugars, zinc, zinc sulfate
The study was aimed at determining the effect of zinc (Zn) sources combined with potato fiber (PF) on growth and health status of young pigs during a four-week trial. Owing to the chemical nature of PF and its bioactivity in the gut, it was hypothesized that it may modify the effect of Zn supplements. Twenty four piglets of initial body weight 10.8 ± 0.82 kg were allocated to 4 dietary treatments (n=6) arranged in a 2 × 2 factorial design: 1.7% lignocellulose (LC) and 0.033% ZnSO4, 1.7% LC and 0.046% ZnGly, 5% PF and 0.033% ZnSO4, and 5% PF and 0.046% ZnGly. LC and PF provided 10 g crude fiber/kg diet, whereas ZnSO4 and ZnGly provided 120 mg Zn/kg diet. Zinc glycinate increased average daily feed intake (1.00 vs. 0.84 kg; P=0.016), average daily gain (0.88 vs. 0.71 kg; P=0.014) and apparent total tract digestibility of starch (97.4 vs. 97.0%; P=0.006) and cellulose (48 vs. 40%; P=0.003), but decreased that of crude ash (49 vs. 53%; P=0.004), Zn (30 vs. 34%; P=0.043) and sugars (94 vs. 97%; P<0.001) as compared to ZnSO4. It increased blood albumin (38 vs. 33 g/L; P=0.004) concentration, reduced creatinine level (107 vs. 130 μmol/L; P=0.047), but did not affect Zn content. Potato fiber increased digestibility of dry matter (84 vs. 82%; P<0.001), gross energy (84 vs. 83%; P=0.012), total P (49 vs. 46%; P=0.018) and Zn (34 vs. 30%; P=0.020), but decreased that of phytic P (86.5 vs. 88.3%; P=0.043) in comparison with LC. The interactive effect of both factors affected digestibility of sugars (P<0.001), hemicellulose (P=0.037), andP concentration (P=0.005) in the blood. In conclusion, PF and ZnGly independently contribute to the improvement of nutrient digestibility and health status of growing pigs.