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Development and characterization of vectors for tunable expression of both xylose-regulated and constitutive gene expression in Saccharomyces yeasts

Hector, Ronald E., Mertens, Jeffrey A., Nichols, Nancy N.
New biotechnology 2019 v.53 pp. 16-23
Saccharomyces cerevisiae, gene expression, genes, genetic vectors, promoter regions, xylose, yeasts
Synthetic hybrid promoters for xylose-regulated gene expression in the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae have recently been developed. However, the narrow range of expression level from these new hybrid promoters limits their utility for pathway optimization in engineered strains. To expand the range of xylose-regulated gene expression, a series of expression vectors was created using a xylose derepressible promoter (PXYL) and varied termination regions from several S. cerevisiae genes. The new set of vectors showed a 26-fold range of gene expression under inducing conditions and a 13-fold average induction due to xylose. In the presence of the XylR repressor, gene expression was very sensitive to xylose concentration and full induction was observed with 0.10 g/L xylose. In the absence of XylR, gene expression from the vector set did not require xylose and was constitutive over a similar 26-fold range of expression. These results show that the vectors are extremely versatile for constitutive expression as well as for fine-tuning both the timing of gene expression and expression level using xylose as an inexpensive inducer.