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Variability of throughfall quantity in a mixed evergreen-deciduous broadleaved forest in central China

Su, Lei, Xie, Zongqiang, Xu, Wenting, Zhao, Changming
Vodohospodársky časopis 2019 v.67 no.3 pp. 225-231
deciduous forests, rain, rain intensity, soil heterogeneity, soil water, spatial variation, terrestrial ecosystems, throughfall, China
Mixed evergreen-deciduous broadleaved forest is the transitional type of evergreen broadleaved forest and deciduous broadleaved forest, and plays a unique eco-hydrologic role in terrestrial ecosystem. We investigated the spatio-temporal patterns of throughfall volume of the forest type in Shennongjia, central China. The results indicated that throughfall represented 84.8% of gross rainfall in the forest. The mean CV (coefficient of variation) of throughfall was 27.27%. Inter-event variability in stand-scale throughfall generation can be substantially altered due to changes in rainfall characteristics, throughfall CV decreased with increasing rainfall amount and intensity, and reached a quasi-constant level when rainfall amount reached 25 mm or rainfall intensity reached 2 mm h⁻¹. During the leafed period, the spatial pattern of throughfall was highly temporal stable, which may result in spatial heterogeneity of soil moisture.