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Visual symptoms of macronutrient and boron deficiency in Cymbopogon citratus

Lima, Thaísa Capato, Freitas, Marta Simone Mendonça, Mendonça, Laís Viana Paes, Gonçalves, Ygor de Souza, Pereira, José Armando Pires, Lima, Kíssila França
Journal of plant nutrition 2019 v.42 no.13 pp. 1430-1438
Cymbopogon citratus, boron, calcium, leaf area, leaves, magnesium, plant growth, plant height, potassium, tillers
Experimental study conducted to feature the visual symptoms of macronutrient and boron deficiency and to assess the effect of nutrient omission on C. citratus growth. The study followed a completely randomized block design with eight treatments (-N, -P, -K, -Ca, -Mg, -S, -B, and Complete Solution) and four replicates. Deficiency symptoms, plant height, number of tillers, total number of leaves, total leaf area, leaf dry matter, total dry matter, as well as macronutrient and boron content in the leaves were featured. The chronological sequence of symptoms seen in the leaves was N, Mg, K, S, P, and Ca; visual symptom of boron deficiency was not observed. Boron content in young and old leaves was 20% and 60% lower than in plants subjected to the complete treatment, respectively. The number of tillers and leaves, leaf area, leaf dry matter, and total dry matter reduced by 50% due to N deficiency. Treatments with -K, -Ca, -Mg, and -S reduced plant height. Boron deficiency until 79 days did not affect plant growth.