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Assessment of Flammability of Moroccan Forest Fuels: New Approach to Estimate the Flammability Index

Essaghi, Salaheddine, Hachmi, M’hamed, Yessef, Mohammed, Dehhaoui, Mohammed, El Amarty, Fahed
Forests 2017 v.8 no.11
drying, equations, flammability, fuel moisture index, fuels, fuels (fire ecology), regression analysis
A new flammability index (FI) was developed, which integrated two parameters that are highly correlated to fuel moisture content (MC). These parameters are time-to-ignition and flame height. The newly obtained FI-values belong to the variation interval of {0; 20}. In addition to the six flammability classes defined in the earlier work, a seventh class (FI > 16.5) was proposed to include fuel species with a high content of volatile flammable-compounds. Flammability testing and MC measurement were performed at a range of MC obtained through a drying process of samples. As a result, FI was statistically highly correlated with MC for all 13 Moroccan forest fuels tested in this study. Following this, linear regression equations were established to predict the FI-value as a function of MC. Therefore, the classification of flammability would depend on the species as well as the MC-value of the samples and the season in which they were collected.