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A GIS- and Fuzzy Set-Based Online Land Price Evaluation Approach Supported by Intelligence-Aided Decision-Making

Li, Sheng, Zhao, Zhigang, Du, Qingyun, Qiao, Yanjun
ISPRS international journal of geo-information 2016 v.5 no.7
decision making, geographic information systems, land use, markets, models, prices, roads, urbanization, China
In recent years, with the reforms to the land use system and the development of urbanization in China, land price evaluation has tended towards marketization. Prices are determined by the government, the land transaction market and the public. It is necessary to propose higher standards to be used in the evaluation process. This paper presents an online land price evaluation approach for convenience in evaluation. In a network environment, taking advantage of the data services provided by various departments, we propose two models to assist in decision-making: (1) a geographic information system (GIS)- and fuzzy set-based location factor quantification model, which adopts dynamic data, rules and quantification measures (based on the road network) to dynamically quantify location factors, thus transforming fuzzy sets into appropriate values; and (2) a neartude-based transaction sample push model, which quantifies the similarity between a given land and other samples, thus providing a basis for decision-making by an appraiser. This approach is applied in Shenzhen to evaluate its ability to simplify the work of appraisers and make their decisions more intuitive and objective in a real case.