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Multilevel Cloud Detection for High-Resolution Remote Sensing Imagery Using Multiple Convolutional Neural Networks

Chen, Yang, Fan, Rongshuang, Bilal, Muhammad, Yang, Xiucheng, Wang, Jingxue, Li, Wei
ISPRS international journal of geo-information 2018 v.7 no.5
algorithms, information processing, neural networks, remote sensing, spatial data
In high-resolution image data, multilevel cloud detection is a key task for remote sensing data processing. Generally, it is difficult to obtain high accuracy for multilevel cloud detection when using satellite imagery which only contains visible and near-infrared spectral bands. So, multilevel cloud detection for high-resolution remote sensing imagery is challenging. In this paper, a new multilevel cloud detection technique is proposed based on the multiple convolutional neural networks for high-resolution remote sensing imagery. In order to avoid input the entire image into the network for cloud detection, the adaptive simple linear iterative clustering (A-SCLI) algorithm was applied to the segmentation of the satellite image to obtain good-quality superpixels. After that, a new multiple convolutional neural networks (MCNNs) architecture is designed to extract multiscale features from each superpixel, and the superpixels are marked as thin cloud, thick cloud, cloud shadow, and non-cloud. The results suggest that the proposed method can detect multilevel clouds and obtain a high accuracy for high-resolution remote sensing imagery.