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Extraction of Terrain Feature Lines from Elevation Contours Using a Directed Adjacent Relation Tree

Li, Chengming, Guo, Peipei, Wu, Pengda, Liu, Xiaoli
ISPRS international journal of geo-information 2018 v.7 no.5
algorithms, landscapes, spatial data, topographic maps
The extraction of terrain feature lines is an important yet challenging problem in the processing and usage of contour lines. Most research has focused on identifying terrain feature points by using methods such as the Douglas–Peucker (D–P) algorithm and on determining contour adjacent relations for closed contour lines by using methods such as Delaunay triangulation and its dual Voronoi diagram, with few attempts made to address open contour lines and identify the direction of contour lines. Here, we propose a novel method for terrain feature line extraction based on adjacent relation trees. First, a contour adjacent relation tree is constructed. The tree is used to determine the directions of closed and open contour lines and thereby form a “directed adjacent relation tree” (DART). Terrain feature points are then extracted using the classic D–P algorithm, followed by the identification and connection of valley and ridge points via the aforementioned DART. Finally, integrity compensation for terrain feature lines is performed based on a slope extension algorithm. The effectiveness and accuracy of this method is verified by experimental results obtained from 1:10,000 topographic map data.