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A Quaternion-Based Piecewise 3D Modeling Method for Indoor Path Networks

Jian, Hongdeng, Fan, Xiangtao, Liu, Jian, Jin, Qingwen, Kang, Xujie
ISPRS international journal of geo-information 2019 v.8 no.2
color, geographic information systems, models, path analysis
Generating 3D path models (with textures) from indoor paths is a good way to improve the visualization performance of 3D indoor path analysis. In this paper, a quaternion-based piecewise 3D modeling method is proposed to automatically generate highly recognizable 3D models for indoor path networks. To create such models, indoor paths are classified into four types of basic elements: corridor, stairs, elevator and node, which contain six kinds of edges and seven kinds of nodes. A quaternion-based method is devised to calculate the coordinates of the designed elements, and a piecewise 3D modeling method is implemented to create the entire 3D indoor path models in a 3D GIS scene. The numerical comparison of 3D scene primitives in different visualization modes indicates that the proposed method can generate detailed and irredundant models for indoor path networks. The result of 3D path analysis shows that indoor path models can improve the visualization performance of a 3D indoor path network by displaying paths with different shapes, textures and colors and that the models can maintain a high rendering efficiency (above 50 frames per second) in a 3D GIS scene containing more than 50,000 polygons and triangles.