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A Modified Methodology for Generating Indoor Navigation Models

Lewandowicz, Elżbieta, Lisowski, Przemysław, Flisek, Paweł
ISPRS international journal of geo-information 2019 v.8 no.2
algorithms, geographic information systems, models, spatial data
Automatic methods for constructing navigation routes do not fully meet all requirements. The aim of this study was to modify the methodology for generating indoor navigation models based on the Medial Axis Transformation (MAT) algorithm. The simplified method for generating corridor axes relies on the Node-Relation Structure (NRS) methodology. The axis of the modeled structure (corridor) is then determined based on the points of the middle lines intersecting the structure (polygon). The proposed solution involves a modified approach to the segmentation of corridor space. Traditional approaches rely on algorithms for generating Triangulated Irregular Networks (TINs) by Delaunay triangulation or algorithms for generating Thiessen polygons known as Voronoi diagrams (VDs). In this study, both algorithms were used in the segmentation process. The edges of TINs intersected structures. Selected midpoints on TIN edges, which were located in the central part of the structure, were used to generate VDs. Corridor structures were segmented by polygon VDs. The identifiers or structure nodes were the midpoints on the TIN edges rather than the calculated centroids. The generated routes were not zigzag lines, and they approximated natural paths. The main advantage of the proposed solution is its simplicity, which can be attributed to the use of standard tools for processing spatial data in a geographic information system.