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Radiant and convective heat resistant materials and emergency fire shelter made therefrom

Anderson, L.L., Davies, M.A., Petrilli, A.C., Ackerman, M.Y.
United States Department of Agriculture patents 2005 no.US 6,881,506 B2
fire fighting, fire science and management, fabrics, fiberglass, foil, heat, patents, USDA, United States
The invention is a new heat and fire resistant material and an improved wildland fire shelter and kit. The material is made of a woven silica-based cloth layered in several possible combinations with foil and fiberglass cloth layers. The layers can be arranged in a variety of sequences to minimize the thermal radiation to the inside of the material or shelter. However, a foil layer must always be the outermost layer to provide protection from radiant heat and a layer of foil must be present between the interior of the shelter or material and any layer of adhesive to limit accumulation of gases inside the shelter if the adhesive or other substance should break down when exposed to heat. The silica cloth, aluminum foil, and fiberglass cloth may be laminated or sewn together. The shape of the fire shelter is a half cylinder with 1/4 sphere at each end. The shelter is contained in an easy-open polyvinyl bag which provides for quick removal and deployment of the fire shelter.