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Evaluation of Sugarcane Varieties Based on Stomatal Behavior Under Water Stress Condition

Singh, S. P., Singh, R. P., Tiwari, A. K.
Sugar tech 2019 v.21 no.4 pp. 678-681
canes, chlorophyll, drought tolerance, leaf area, leaf water potential, leaves, planting, stomatal movement, sucrose, sugarcane, transpiration, water content, water stress
An experiment was conducted during 2015–2016 to 2017–2018 at UP Council of Sugarcane Research, Shahjahanpur. Ten promising sugarcane varieties, viz. CoS 12232, CoS 14232, CoS 06279, CoS 10231, CoS 13231, Co 0238, CoS 09232, CoS 08276, CoS 08279 and CoSe 01434, were used for the evaluation of drought-tolerant varieties suitable for planting under water stress condition. Two moisture levels, normal (50 ASM) and deficient (20 ASM), were maintained during pre-monsoon period. Stomatal behavior was studied. Results revealed that all the varieties were adversely affected due to deficient moisture level. Under deficient moisture, varieties CoS 12232, CoS 14232 and CoS 06279 expressed higher total chlorophyll. These varieties showed the minimum rate of transpiration along with maximum stomatal diffusive resistance and leaf water potential under water stress. These varieties also showed a significant reduction in shoot height, leaf area of the first open leaf, shoot population, number of millable canes and cane yield (below 10%) under low moisture levels as compared with other tested varieties. Due to water stress, sucrose content was not affected significantly. Conclusively, varieties CoS 12232, CoS 14232 and CoS 06279 were found suitable for planting under deficient moisture condition.