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l- Arginine supplementation blunts resistance exercise improvement in rats with chronic kidney disease

Souza, Michel Kendy, Moraes, Milton Rocha, Rosa, Thiago Santos, Passos, Clévia Santos, Neves, Rodrigo Vanerson Passos, Haro, Anderson Sola, Cenedeze, Marcos Antônio, Arias, Simone Costa Alarcon, Fujihara, Clarice Kazue, Teixeira, Simone Aparecida, Muscará, Marcelo Nicolás, Câmara, Niels Olsen Saraiva, Pacheco e Silva Filho, Alvaro
Life sciences 2019 v.232 pp. 116604
arginase, arginine, cytokines, fibrosis, kidney diseases, males, metabolism, models, muscle strength, patients, rats, renal function, sarcopenia, strength training
Chronic kidney disease (CKD) patients present L-arginine (L-arg) deficiency and L-arg supplementation has been used as a treatment. In addition, sarcopenia is another common problem in CKD population, resistance training (RT) is one of the conservative strategies developed to prevent CKD progression, and however there are no evidences of a combination of these two strategies to treat CKD outcomes. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of oral L-arg supplementation combined with RT in an experimental model of CKD. Twenty-five Munich-Wistar male rats, 8-week-old were divided in 5 groups: Sham (sedentary control), Nx (CKD sedentary), Nx L-arg (CKD sedentary supplemented with 2% of L-arg), Nx RT (CKD exercised) Nx RT + L-arg (CKD exercised and supplemented with 2% of L-arg). CKD model was obtained by a subtotal 5/6 nephrectomy. RT was performed on a ladder climbing, three weekly sessions on non-consecutive days, with an intensity of 70% maximum carrying capacity. They were submitted to RT and/or L-arg supplementation for 10 weeks. There was a significant improvement in muscle strength, renal function, anti-inflammatory cytokines, arginase metabolism and renal fibrosis after RT. However, the combination of RT and L-arg impaired all the improvements promoted by RT alone. The L-arg supplementation alone did not impair renal fibrosis and renal function. In conclusion, RT improved inflammatory balance, muscle strength, renal function and consequently decreased renal fibrosis. Nevertheless, the association with L-arg supplementation prevented all these effects promoted by RT.