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Optimization, isolation, characterization and hepatoprotective effect of a novel pigment-protein complex (phycocyanin) producing microalga: Phormidium versicolorNCC-466 using response surface methodology

Gammoudi, Sana, Athmouni, Khaled, Nasri, Ameni, Diwani, Nouha, Grati, Ines, Belhaj, Dalel, Bouaziz-Ketata, Hanen, Fki, Lotfi, El Feki, Abdelfattah, Ayadi, Habib
International journal of biological macromolecules 2019 v.137 pp. 647-656
Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy, Phormidium, antioxidant enzymes, bilirubin, blood serum, body weight, cadmium, free radicals, hepatoprotective effect, hepatotoxicity, high performance liquid chromatography, histopathology, in vivo studies, liver, microalgae, molecular weight, nitric oxide, phycocyanin, rats, response surface methodology, superoxide anion, temperature
In our study, we focused on the optimization; antioxidant and hepatoprotective potentials of novel pigment-protein complex(C-PC) isolated from Phormidium versicolor against cadmium induced liver injury in rats. From analysis, the C-PC extraction parameters were optimized using the response surface methodology (RSM) for optimal recoveries of C-PC extraction. For analysis, the optimum operational conditions for maximizing phycocyanins concentration (67.45mg/g DM) were found to be water/solid 2, temperature 32.5°C and pH7.2.This pigment was identified using HPLC and FTIR analysis. In addition, the molecular masses of α and β subunits were 17 and 19kDa. Scavenging activity of superoxide anion, hydroxyl, nitric oxide radicals and metal chelating in vitro results indicated that C-PC has an excellent capacity as antioxidant. In vivo study, C-PC significantly prevented cadmium-induced elevation of ALAT, ASAT and bilirubin levels in rats. The histopathological observations supported the results serum enzymes assays. The results of this study revealed that C-PC has significant hepatoprotective potential. C-PC (50mgkg−1 body weight) significantly enhanced the levels of antioxidant enzymes. It can be concluded that C-PC possesses prevention action against hepatotoxicity caused by cadmium.