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Coriander essential oil as natural food additive improves quality and safety of cooked pork sausages with different nitrite levels

Šojić, Branislav, Pavlić, Branimir, Ikonić, Predrag, Tomović, Vladimir, Ikonić, Bojana, Zeković, Zoran, Kocić-Tanackov, Sunčica, Jokanović, Marija, Škaljac, Snežana, Ivić, Maja
Meat science 2019 v.157 pp. 107879
Coriandrum sativum, antimicrobial properties, cold storage, color, essential oils, food additives, lipid peroxidation, microbial growth, neural networks, pH, plate count, pork, sausages, shelf life, sodium nitrite, storage time, thiobarbituric acid-reactive substances
The effect of coriander essential oil (CEO) at concentrations of 0.075‐0.150 μL/g on pH, color, lipid oxidation (TBARS), residual nitrite concentration and microbial growth of cooked pork sausages produced with different levels of sodium nitrite (0, 50 and 100 mg/kg) was investigated. Artificial neural networks modeling and the multi-response optimization were used to determine the optimal combinations of process parameters and storage time. Reduced concentration of sodium nitrite (60 mg/kg) in combination with 0.12 μL/g of CEO resulted in satisfying redness (a* approx. 11.1) and improved oxidative (TBARS approx. 0.12 mg MDA/kg) and microbial stability (total plate count – TPC approx. 2.50 Log CFU/g) of cooked pork sausages during refrigerated storage. Therefore, the results of this paper revealed significant antioxidative and antimicrobial activity of CEO, and consequently its high potential of utilization in processing of cooked pork sausages with enhanced quality and shelf-life.